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Out in front, shaping the battlefield.


Cavalry has existed for centuries, though its function has evolved over time. In past eras, the role of heavy cavalry — consisting of the most powerful horses and armored knights — was mostly offensive in nature. Over time, cavalry has evolved into a more advanced entity, providing reconnaissance, intelligence gathering and protecting the main force where it is most vulnerable. Though ever-ready for battle, a cavalry’s true value most often lies in its ability to shape the battlefield such that the battle is won before the first shot is fired.

Like a decorated cavalry officer, we at Mount Vernon Capital Advisors LLC (“MVCA") strive to be out in front as complex financial situations loom on the horizon. This entails surveying the landscape, processing multiple factors, identifying risks and opportunities, and shaping the battlefield to afford our clients the greatest probability of success as the restructuring unfolds. Should a situation move into later stages, MVCA stands ready to engage with other stakeholders on behalf of its clients to ensure an optimal outcome.

MVCA provides its clients with an experienced, insightful approach to the restructuring process. We can assist clients at any stage of the process, from portfolio screening, to distressed credit monitoring and analysis, to active representations in private negotiations and on boards. Backed by seasoned professionals with the highest commitment to integrity, our results-oriented approach provides real solutions to real issues that arise as part of the normal investment process.

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